Welcome to the home of the Imoen Romance Modification for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (and soon for Throne of Bhaal as well).

The Imoen Romance Mod transforms Imoen -- the cheerful, mischieveous thief-mage who accompanied you all the way back from the original Baldur's Gate -- into a romanceable NPC option and adds a huge amount of content and characterization. Even if you choose not to romance Imoen, this mod adds an extended friendship path that is well worth the download!

Imoen will romance any PC, regardless of gender or race. It requires that Throne of Bhaal be installed -- even if you are only playing the Shadows of Amn portion! For more information, see the mod documentation.

This mod was originally made by Lord Mirrabbo (and is frequently known as "Lord Mirrabbo's Imoen Romance mod"). In late January 2010, Lord Mirrabbo passed the mod over to T.C. "Taig" Dale (formerly known as 'Jashan'). For more information regarding Lord Mirrabbo, Taig, and who did what when, read the complicated history of the Imoen Romance mod.

And if you like the mod, of course, feel free to stop by the forums and chat with other Imoen addicts, or feed the author(s).

Imoen of Candlekeep, by T.C. Dale